Belenet Chinese(pinyin) 1.0

Belenet Chinese(pinyin) 1.0: Learn Chinese with pinyin and character via games. Belenet Chinese(HSK) applies to all Chinese language learners and combines learning, quizzes and games while making a perfect integration of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Base on forgetting curve this learning Chinese system emphasizes the importance of regular reviews. There are 6 free lessons in this software. You can get more course packages at low prices at our website.

Chinese Character Bible 9.1: Memorizing Chinese characters is now much easier, more efficient and more fun
Chinese Character Bible 9.1

Chinese Character Bible is a powerful and intelligent system for learning Chinese Characters. Every Chinese character is shown with color components that are based on its etymology and animated in big size stroke by stroke. The animated calligraphy uses multi colours to show how each character is constructed. All characters are spoken by a FAMOUS CHINESE NATIONAL BROADCAST ANNOUNCER.

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Kingsoft PowerWord 2010 Ultimate Kingsoft PowerWord world`s best-selling Chinese and English two way translation
Kingsoft PowerWord 2010 Ultimate

Mandarin/Cantonese), French, German, Russian, Korean and Japanese. Enhanced instant translation system at cursor point on various documents like encrypted PDF files, Office applications, emails, web pages, ect. Supports one-click translation for texts, articles or websites between English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. Support OS from Win 2000 to Win 7, 32bits and 64bits. 4. Useful functions Mini remember words. Dictionary Managemen Plug-in Manager

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